“I feel more flexible and less stiff.”

“I feel phenomenal, excellent pressure, good work on specific points.”

“I feel relaxed, tension relieved."

“I noticed a great difference after my time with you. I have been clearing my sinuses and feeling energized. Thank you again. You are very talented.”

“You have found your calling”
“Seriously, I feel amazing today. High energy, no achy. I know it was what you did to me yesterday. Thanks.”
“I felt radiating from shoulder to fingers and neck to head. I felt released in sinuses.”
“I feel my blood flowing, it feels good.”
“I feel relaxed."

"Very calm & thorough"

"Excellent- love the deep pressure!"

"Great! So attuned to body energy."

"The Eastern informed Swedish was just so effective & efficient."

"Laurie has real command of strokes, points, chi, pressure and is amazingly timely and efficient."

"I feel super relaxed."

"Very strong and effective."

"Excellent/Outstanding, loved the deep focused pressureon the neck and shoulder- excellent pressure points."

"I enjoyed every aspect of my session."

"Strong, but gentle in sore areas."

"Thai massage is truly amazing."

"Wonderful, right on the money, caring, personable, but respects boundaries."

"The benefits are great, it's healthy, I love it."

"Very attentive to technique with my health concerns."

"I like the different modalities- some massage, some thai techniques, all directed through shiatsu philosophy and shiatsu points."

"Laurie is a phenomenal practitioner."

"Pressure was superb!"

"Adapted to what my body needed."

"New to shiatsu-enjoyed it very much."

"The focus was on my issue with pain in my left leg. The massage made it much better."

"Laurie is confident in technique & addressed my concerns thoughly."

"Excellent- great focus and pressure on specific muscles in neck and back."

"Very good shiatsu work on back. Focused technique on scalene muscles in neck."

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