I spent 30 years as a log home builder and many years as a marathon runner, triathlete and ultra-marathoner. I completed my last construction project about the same time I hung my triathlon racing bike on the hooks in my garage. Memories flashed thru my mind as I thought about the years of Ironman training and racing and my career in construction. My seven children were grown and spread across the country, embarking on their life journey. I felt gratitude for my life and all my experiences. I knew this was the end of an incredible journey. I was about to begin a new exciting path in massage therapy and healing.

I am a graduate of the East West Therapeutic Bodywork program at CenterPoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinic. I have 61 credit hours, 1320 classroom hours, and over 200 hours of hands on practice time outside of class.  The East West Therapeutic Bodywork program teaches Namikoshi Shiatsu, Shiatsu Anma, Swedish massage and Advanced Therapeutic Massage. The program includes: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology, Ethics, Special Populations, Pathology, Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories, and 125 hours of clinic experience.  I have additional training in Thai Massage, Advanced Asian Bodywork and Active Isolated Stretching. I have also attained the title of Reiki Master.

My thoughts about bodywork
I apply various massage techniques that help clients reach a heightened level of awareness and relaxation. I love using a holistic approach to relieve pain and chronic issues. Thru my many years of healing energy work, I have developed a close and personal relationship with the universe. This relationship allows healing energy to flow thru me to my clients and creates a change in their highest good. It is with love, honor, respect and compassion that I do this energy work to help facilitate this change.  I am living in the energy of ease, joy and grace. I invite you to join me.

I spend my free time taking long walks in the woods with my Great Dane. My husband and I love to spend time playing with our granddaughter. I like to sit outside in my yard and read, meditate and rest. I enjoy listening to music and I stay active with running and biking.

Laurie J. Senty
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